Vamoose carpet cleaner stains carpet

Montclair, New Jersey 1 comment
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I used Vamoose carpet cleaner and followed all of the directions even doing a test spot first. The next day my carpet had discolored spots wherever the Vamoose had been sprayed.

i called the company and they are trying to tell me "it wasn't their product,but a fraudulent one that used their name" How CAN I KNOW TRHAT IS TRUE?

ANYONE CAN CLAIM THAT SOMETHING IS NOT THEIRS WHEN COMPLAINTS COME IN! I have reported this to the NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs but really want my carpet restored!When I emailed the Vamoose Company I was told to pursue it through the store where I purchased the product instead of through them.

Review about: Vamoose Carpet Cleaner.

Monetary Loss: $300.



I searched the product on Google and saw really good reviews except for this one. It probably wasn't the cleaner that caused the problem but the stain you were trying to get out.

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